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Yonder: yän-dər
adjective, farther removed : more distant. Middle English.

You say farther removed like it’s a bad thing. Living on the top of ridges and in the depths of the valleys, the underestimated people of Appalachia America were able to embrace their lives by becoming self sustained innovators and creators. Though poverty stricken may have been the label of the culture, it is also what became the humbling fuel of the Appalachian soul.

Creating new things to make life easier or creating happiness with music, art or craft, each family was able to build upon those skills generation after generation. Remaining strong within their roots, those creations were cherished and passed down with pride.

While the Appalachian people are spread over several states we know that there is one commonality within us all, and that is to appreciate and share what we have been taught. Here at Yonder Fest, we want to celebrate those creations and listen to songs that tell the stories of the struggles, the loses and the triumphs of the Appalachian Heritage.

We look forward to seeing you in Waverly, Ohio this fall.